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Welcome to the ‘I am a Positivity Magnet Bootcamp 2022’!


This course is a 3 day, high vibe and content packed adventure where I will teach you all I know about being a full time positivity magnet - living the life you choose whilst working with the law of attraction and calling in those amazing dreams & desires for 2022.


  • On DAY 1 - we will focus on cleansing our energy, forgiving ourselves and others for any negativity in the past and creating an amazing space for that amazing energy to flow in.


  • On DAY 2 - we will explore, define and declare our goals for the year ahead using a simplified method. This technique is designed to keep you laser focused, consistent and less likely to give up - the law of attraction needn’t be complicated! Also I will draw you attention to your bodily vibration and how to build a spiritual routine that suits you to keep you high and bright.


  • On DAY 3 - we work on reprogramming our subconscious mind whilst embodying the amazing soul you are, having achieved all those amazing goals and embrace the feeling of having your desires already.


After each session there will be beautiful meditations and workbooks for you also to complete at your leisure. This course is go at your own pace, and one you will enjoy revisiting again and again in the future.


I live and breathe this content that I’m about to deliver to you, and amongst achieving my dreams - I live the most positive life also.


I look forward to welcoming you in to this safe space and watching you thrive!

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