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My Journey

Hello and a warm welcome to Josie Raynor Psychic Crystal Therapy.

I have always been a very spiritual person; as a child I would find comfort in staring up at the stars and feeling completely safe in ‘whatever was up there’.

I loved being out in nature, hearing the birds chirping and making lady bird houses in the garden. I felt so connected.

I was a sensitive child and carried this trait throughout my life, little did I know that I am an Empath and very often feel the emotions of others like they are my own. Being an Empath used to cripple me at times, but now I am so grateful I can help others with this gift.

I found crystals during a dark period of my life where I lost my way. I suffered for years from chronic anxiety, following the passing of my wonderful dad when I was 21. I was struggling with night terrors and felt like I was spiralling, I had no idea what life was about anymore. I started having more and more spiritual encounters, I’ll be honest I was completely terrified! I now know spirit were trying to help me and guide me forward. 

I was gifted a piece of Amethyst from a friend one day to help with my nightmares, it was a game changer for me and I could not believe the difference - my sleep was improving. Finally, I had that chink of positivity to allow me to pull myself up – and I never looked back.

I trained to become a Crystal Energy Therapist and developed as a Psychic Medium and the rest is history. I felt peace, happiness, calm, and inspired all at once thanks to using these little gems everyday. I feel so grateful for the air in my lungs, my house, my family – for being alive and being able to experience all this beautiful world has to offer!

I now have an amazing connection with spirit and they no longer frighten me, in fact I embrace them every day. I realised that I could combine my Psychic Ability with Crystal Energy Therapy to help propel my clients forward – so that they too can dance in positivity and feel a peace in their soul.

My main focus is to bring awareness and healing through love, and to teach others how to open up their own spiritual potential and live life to the full.