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Welcome to Pocket Josie

Are you looking for ongoing Personal, Spiritual or Business Support?

Would you love to have Josie Raynor - The Psychic Energy Healer sat in your pocket for you to ask for ongoing Psychic advice?

Then purchasing a 'Pocket Josie' for 1 whole month may be perfect for you!

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What will you gain from Pocket Josie?

Hey, I'm Josie! I'm a Psychic Medium, Energy Healing Expert and Spiritual Mentor with a passion for helping people live a more positive life filled with happiness, success and abundance.


I often find that when travelling through an uncertain time, striving towards goals or when we are between phases that it's highly beneficial to have a constant flow of guidance and reassurance from another person who will support without judgement.


Purchasing a Pocket Josie will gain you WhatsApp Access to Josie and her Spirit Guides for One Month (4 weeks)  where you can ask direct questions in order to gain clarity and direction. This package is completely tailored to you and is private & confidential, providing you with a space where you can be open and honest with what is holding you back in order to receive guidance.

Check out the Frequently Asked Questions at the bottom of this page for all the details around how Pocket Josie works and operates.

Pocket Josie



1 Month WhatsApp Access to Josie - Psychic Energy Healer

Valid for one month

4 Weeks WhatsApp Access to Josie & her Spirit Guides

Perfect for Personal, Spiritual and Business Development

Ask Direct Questions and Receive Support & Guidance

Includes Written Messages and Voice Clips

Private and Confidential

Choose Your Start Date at Checkout!


  • How does it work?

When signed up to a Pocket Josie plan, you will receive a message from Josie which will connect you on WhatsApp. Josie will read the form you filled out on sign up to see what it is you are working towards, or where you would like to place focus for the next 4 weeks - but you are certainly not limited to this as Spiritual and Growth journeys intertwine with all areas of our life from relationships to career / business, our health and energy, wealth and happiness etc. Feel free to mix and match between areas! Once connected, Josie will send you mini 3 card reading to set the tone at the beginning of each week to provide a place of focus for you to follow, looking at what energies are present and how you can utilise them to your greatest potential. 


It is your responsibility then to message Josie daily with questions you desire spiritual insight to, or ask for guidance on how you feel that day that you would like to work through. You can send this either via voice message on WhatsApp (maximum time of 10 minutes) or a written message. Josie will then tune into your energy and channel spiritual advice and guidance from her spiritual team that will direct you and help you to make progress on your path to a more abundant and positive life. Josie's aim is always to bring clarity, but please be reminded that implementation, effort and action will be needed on your side to make positive change happen.

You can send one message per week day and will receive a response from Josie.

  • When will my 1 month commence?

On Checkout you will have the option to select a start date for your Pocket Josie begin. Pocket Josie is in operation  on weekdays only (not applicable on weekends). For example, if you selected for your plan to begin on a Monday, Pocket Josie would run Monday -Friday for 4 consecutive weeks. If you chose to start your plan on a Wednesday, Pocket Josie would run Wednesday - Tuesday for 4 consecutive weeks, inclusive of the start date.

  • Will I be able to message Josie anytime?

You are free to message Josie via WhatsApp on a Pocket Josie plan anytime, whether a question comes to you in the middle of the night or you need to get something off your chest in a moment. However Josie will only respond around her commitments between the hours of 9am - 5pm on Monday to Friday (not on weekends).

  • How many responses will I receive from Josie?

You are permitted to send one message per week day during the 4 weeks of your plan (a voice message with a maximum time of 10 minutes or a written message) and you will receive one response back from Josie, will channeled guidance and advice.

  • Can I ask anything?

You sure can! As long as the guidance is about you and not other people. Josie is able to read situations that you are involved in, but cannot tune specifically into the energy of another person without their permission.

  • Can I ask general questions or do I need to be more specific?

Your thoughts and words hold energy, so the more specific you can be - the more specific your answers. You are more than welcome to ask open and general questions, but I do advise that you mix in some specific questions too.

  • Can I stop and start my Pocket Josie plan 4 week access?

Your plan will run for 4 consecutive weeks with no breaks, unless it has been already explained by Josie that a break may need to occur if she has a holiday booked / time off.

  • Can I book a new Pocket Josie plan after my old plan expires?

You can! A lot of Josie's clients will book a new plan once their old has ended to keep striving towards positive change and keep the Spiritual Guidance flowing. You are welcome to use Pocket Josie as a one off, or come back again and again. 

Still not sure? Drop me an email with any questions and we will see if this package is the right fit for you.
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