Happy, Fulfilled Beautiful Souls

Josie has really helped me through a lot of ups and downs using Crystal Energy Healing. Her calm nature is very comforting and she has a very kind, genuine and non judgemental attitude during treatments. Every session is different for me depending on what I'm experiencing but no matter what I always leave my treatment with a general sense of calm and openness. Thank you Josie! I have learned so much from you! I love your wonderful work!


I have had the most amazing crystal therapy today with Josie, it was amazing and actually mind blowing the information that Josie picked up from my body with crystals - I honestly can't believe it. Thank you Josie, and thank you for my crystals to help me carry on my journey.


I had the most relaxed distance healing session with Josie today - I could not believe that she could tune into my body from so far away with just a photo! I felt so much more at peace, lighter and brighter. Josie then sent me a reading via email with her findings and I was amazed. It was so nice to know that my grandma in spirit is cheering me on at the moment in what has been a challenging part of my life. Thank you so much