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Enjoy your FREE Meditation

Thank you for signing up to our mailing list! We hope you enjoy your FREE access to the Happy Healthy Full time Manifester Meditation! 

This meditation is usually only available inside of The Awakened Ones Membership, alongside over £2000 worth of Spiritual Development, Manifestation, Energy Healing and Mindset content within our members private learning portals. So we hope you find having this freebie useful!

Find a nice quiet space, set the tone by lighting some candles and getting comfortable, and let's take you on a journey through your chakra system, activating each one as we go - making you a catalyst for your manifestations and desires.

If you would like to access the full 8 day Happy Healthy Full Time Manifester Programme as well as Psychic Support, Morning Motivations, LIVE Energy Healing Sessions, Masterclasses, Readings and Discounts - click the link to read all the benefits of becoming an Awakened One Member today for just £29 a month (cancel anytime).

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