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Carnelian Droplet Crystal Necklace in Sterling Silver


Carnelian is a powerful crystal associated with the Sacral Chakra and holds properties of:


  • Bringing Courage and Strength to its user
  • Creativity and Motivation
  • Increased Sexuality 
  • Assists with Fertility and New Beginnings 


All Droplets are Wrapped in Sterling Silver Wire and Suspended on a Sterling Silver 18 inch chain.


All Necklaces are mounted on to a beautiful Path of Intention Card and placed inside of a Tote Bag before shipping. 

Carnelian Droplet Pendant Necklace

  • Care Guide - 

    Our Necklaces are Crafted with Sterling Silver of a High Quality. Natural Tarnishing may occur over time, in these circumstances please gently clean with a dry cloth.

    With Our Crystal Jewellery we advise regular cleansing with White Sage, Palo Santo or Selenite to keep your Crystal working to it's full potential. Crystals are highly absorbent and help to bring balance to the body - however there is only so much they can absorb before they become blocked. By simply passing your Crystal Jewellery through the smoke of burning White Sage or Palo Santo you will cleanse and charge your Gemstones, allowing them to channel and amplify your energy to their greatest potential. Alternatively you can place your Crystal Jewellery on Selenite to Charge and Cleanse for you.


  • Refunds - 

    We do not accept refunds for change of mind, however we will gladly refund or exchange with a replacement for goods that have been damaged or lost in transit.


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