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I am a Positivity Magnet - Raising Vibes Law of Attraction Bootcamp

Welcome to the ‘I am a Positivity Magnet Bootcamp 2022’!


This course is a 3 day, high vibe and content packed adventure where I will teach you all I know about being a full time positivity magnet - living the life you choose whilst working with the law of attraction and calling in those amazing dreams & desires for 2022.


  • On DAY 1 - we will focus on cleansing our energy, forgiving ourselves and others for any negativity in the past and creating an amazing space for that amazing energy to flow in.


  • On DAY 2 - we will explore, define and declare our goals for the year ahead using a simplified method. This technique is designed to keep you laser focused, consistent and less likely to give up - the law of attraction needn’t be complicated! Also I will draw you attention to your bodily vibration and how to build a spiritual routine that suits you to keep you high and bright.


  • On DAY 3 - we work on reprogramming our subconscious mind whilst embodying the amazing soul you are, having achieved all those amazing goals and embrace the feeling of having your desires already.


After each session there will be beautiful meditations and workbooks for you also to complete at your leisure. This course is go at your own pace, and one you will enjoy revisiting again and again in the future.


I live and breathe this content that I’m about to deliver to you, and amongst achieving my dreams - I live the most positive life also.


I look forward to welcoming you in to this safe space and watching you thrive!

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Psychic Development Programme

Now Available for Purchase - Instant Access to Whole Course

What we will cover on this go at your own pace course:


🌙Protection and Grounding

🌙Spiritual Routine

🌙Opening up and Closing Down to spirit

🌙Meeting your Spirit Guides and developing a relationship

🌙Angels and Archangels

🌙The Art of Meditation

🌙How Spirit communicate

🌙The Clairs and working with your strengths

🌙Automatic Writing

🌙Strengthening the Third Eye

🌙The Picture Dictionary

🌙Reading a Photograph

🌙Blocks and Barriers

🌙Psychic tools and how to use effectively (cards, pendulums, 🌙crystal balls)

🌙Integrity and Professionalism – Delivering messages in a sensitive manner


🌙Reading Auras and Chakras

🌙Sceptics and dealing with negativity

🌙Tuning in and reading a Live Person


🌙Manifestation and Law of Attraction

🌙Dealing with Negative Spirits Attachments

🌙Connecting the dots and expanding in your readings

⭐️Time to fly!⭐️


This is a VERY in depth pre-recorded course that if committed to will take 4-6 months to complete, however it is a go at your own pace venture. There will be lifetime access to the course and you will have your own personal login on the teachable platform.


There will be two tiers available to purchase:



✨Full Course with Lifetime Access

✨Optional access to a Private Facebook group with Alumni students where you will have the chance to ask questions and practice with your growing abilities

✨Monthly Q&A in group

⭐️£649 VIP Package *Recommended* - Limited Spaces will be Available

✨Full Course with Lifetime Access 4 Private 60 minute 1:1 sessions with me to expand and fine tune your reading skills (In person or via Videocall).

✨Optional Private Facebook group with Alumni students where you will have the chance to ask questions and practice with your growing abilities.

✨Monthly Q&A in group.

Payment Plans will be available to split the cost over two months

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Accredited Crystal Energy Therapy Courses

Each Crystal Energy Therapy Level  is a ONE DAY course in which you will receive a certificate. Once completed you can move on to the next Level  when you feel ready (you may wish to do this as soon as courses are available or wait a year or two – the choice is yours and I encourage you to listen to your intuition). Once you have completed Level 3 you will then become a fully qualified Crystal Energy Therapist. Woohoo!

After you have Qualified as a Crystal Energy Therapist – I will also offer an Optional Masters Course in Psychic Crystal Therapy where I will teach you how to intuitively read the Chakras and interpret messages for a client.

Crystal Energy Therapy Level 1 

Saturday 23rd July 2022 10am - 5pm (In Person)


Sunday 24th July 2022 10am - 5pm (In Person)


Saturday 30th July 2022 10am - 5pm (Online Only)

Crystal Energy Therapy Level 2

Friday 15th July 2022 10am - 5pm (In Person) ***1 space left***

Crystal Energy Therapy Level 3

Saturday 16th July 2022 10am - 5pm (In Person) ***FULLY BOOKED***

Sunday 17th July 2022 10am - 5pm (In Person) ***FULLY BOOKED***

Psychic Crystal Energy Therapy

Dates to beconfirmed

If you would like information about my Accredited Crystal Energy Therapy Courses, Please drop me an email via the 'More Information' Button Below