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Courses & Masterclasses

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As a Spiritual Mentor, Josie has had the pleasure of teaching many students her knowledge over the years. Her passion is that you are truly living in a way that lights up your soul every single day - and she has delivered many inspiring Spiritual Masterclasses, Accredited Crystal Energy Therapy Courses and Psychic Development. Josie appreciates that every single student is unique and works with each person in a way that honours this - understanding that we all have different learning styles and natural gifts.

If you are unsure of what training you need or where to start - Josie will be happy to chat with you and assess where you are on your spiritual journey.

The Psychic Arts Academy

Accredited Crystal Energy Therapy Courses

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Crystal Energy Therapy is a type of Energy Healing in which the healer balances the Chakras, Aura and Energetic System of the client using the vibration and properties of Crystals.
Absolutely anyone can benefit from the healing on Crystals whether a person is looking to achieve clarity, confidence, anxiety relief, enhanced spiritual connection, balance, help with fertility ... we can achieve and heal so much with crystals!

As an Accredited teacher I love nothing more than sharing my knowledge with my students and watching them grow into amazing, confident and ambitious souls. 

Whether you are looking for a change of career, to gain a better understanding of Crystals and their natural healing abilities or just to top up your knowledge - there is something for everyone on my Crystal Energy Therapy Courses! 



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The Psychic Alchemist is a 90 minute Masterclass designed to inspire and ignite some serious magic within those wishing to deepen their Psychic development practice. This masterclass is suitable for all levels whether you are a newbie to spirituality or advanced. This Masterclass is pre recorded and includes several bonuses including a Fire Scrying exercise, Meditation Genie practice, Mini Light Code E-Book and lifetime access.

A Pre Recorded 90 minute Masterclass on the fascinating topic of Auras. We all have an Aura, and with training they can be seen not just with our third eye, but easily seen with our physical eyes too.


When we have trained to see Auras, you really do see the world in a different way, literally! You see see that everything is energy, and walking down the street seeing all the trees, plants and flowers with gorgeous Auric colours surrounding them is something that lights me up. ⭐️


Our beautiful Auras tell us so much about ourselves and others, and change colour regularly depending on how we feel and what we are going through. Because our Aura is always merging mixing with others around us too - it is vital we understand how to cleanse and protect our Aura in order to prevent any damage.


Our Aura acts as our invisible skin and is so important to our energy and health - so I look forward to delivering this training to you all!


What we will cover in this Masterclass:

❤️What the Aura is and the seven layers

🧡How to feel and see the Aura of yourself and others

💛Colour Sensing

💚Colour Symbolism 

💙Auric Visual Training and Exercises

💜How to cleanse Energetic Debris from the Aura

🤎Auric Protection

INCLUDING A BONUS 🤍Pump it Up! Aura Fluffing and Closing Meditation

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