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I am a Positivity Magnet - Raising Vibes Law of Attraction Bootcamp

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Psychic Development Programme

Now Available for Purchase - Instant Access to Whole Course


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What we will cover on this go at your own pace course:


🌙Protection and Grounding

🌙Spiritual Routine

🌙Opening up and Closing Down to spirit

🌙Meeting your Spirit Guides and developing a relationship

🌙Angels and Archangels

🌙The Art of Meditation

🌙How Spirit communicate

🌙The Clairs and working with your strengths

🌙Automatic Writing

🌙Strengthening the Third Eye

🌙The Picture Dictionary

🌙Reading a Photograph

🌙Blocks and Barriers

🌙Psychic tools and how to use effectively (cards, pendulums, 🌙crystal balls)

🌙Integrity and Professionalism – Delivering messages in a sensitive manner


🌙Reading Auras and Chakras

🌙Sceptics and dealing with negativity

🌙Tuning in and reading a Live Person


🌙Manifestation and Law of Attraction

🌙Dealing with Negative Spirits Attachments

🌙Connecting the dots and expanding in your readings

⭐️Time to fly!⭐️


This is a VERY in depth pre-recorded course that if committed to will take 4-6 months to complete, however it is a go at your own pace venture. There will be lifetime access to the course and you will have your own personal login on the teachable platform.


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Accredited Crystal Energy Therapy Courses

Crystal Energy Therapy is a type of Energy Healing in which the healer balances the Chakras, Aura and Energetic System of the client using the vibration and properties of Crystals.
Absolutely anyone can benefit from the healing on Crystals whether a person is looking to achieve clarity, confidence, anxiety relief, enhanced spiritual connection, balance, help with fertility ... we can achieve and heal so much with crystals!

As an Accredited teacher I love nothing more than sharing my knowledge with my students and watching them grow into amazing, confident and ambitious souls. 

Whether you are looking for a change of career, to gain a better understanding of Crystals and their natural healing abilities or just to top up your knowledge - there is something for everyone on my Crystal Energy Therapy Courses!