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Hello beautiful souls, I'm Josie!

I'm a Psychic Medium, Crystal Energy Therapist and Spiritual Mentor - and I've helped hundreds of people to cleanse negative energy from their system in order to focus on achieving their dreams. Whether that be a life free from anxiety and feeling low, building a business and enjoying the flexibility of working for yourself, opening your third eye and growing your natural Psychic abilities or manifesting great things - everything I help my clients and students with comes down to raising your bodily vibration in order to feel massively more positive and confident day to day.

As an Energy Healing Expert I'm all about promoting Spiritual Living and Full Time Manifesting in order to help my clients really attract the life they desire. I really believe that to make positive change happen, you gotta be living it day in day out! Let's face it, nothing changes if nothing changes. A Spiritual Healing journey is just that, a journey - as much as it would be amazing to be able to click our fingers and be done, life is all about learning lessons and enjoying the ride! If you would like a personal cheerleader and companion on whatever Spiritual Journey you are embarking on - I'd love to be a part of it!



Grab yourself a Pocket Josie 

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Psychic Reading


35 minutes 
In Person or Videocall
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Crystal Energy Therapy


60 minutes
In Person
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Distance Crystal Healing with Mini Psychic Reading


Distance via Photograph
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Crystal Energy Therapy plus Psychic Reading


90 minutes 
In person
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"When we surrender our will to the power of the Universe, We receive miracles"

Gabrielle Bernstein

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