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Hello beautiful souls, I'm Josie!

I'm a Psychic Medium, Crystal Energy Therapist and Spiritual Mentor and I'm very passionate about my job and what I have to offer. 

I use my connection to spirit and crystals to help my clients and students rise and achieve their true soul's purpose. I provide beautiful services which include Psychic Readings and Crystal Energy Therapy to light up my client's, and help them move forward in their lives in the most positive way. I am also the proud owner of the Psychic Arts Academy and creator of my Accredited Crystal Energy Therapy Programme in which I take students under my wing, teach them all I know in order to grow their Spiritual Connection and also help them to begin their own Spiritual Careers.

Life is a real gift and miracle, something we often forget. We are limitless beings but often find ourselves feeling small and afraid to push out of our comfort zones. Let me tell you that huge growth comes from trying something new, refusing to settle for anything less than you deserve and also... making mistakes along the way! 

If you would like change in your life for the better - I would love to be your Therapist or Spiritual Mentor!

I hope you enjoy having a look around, click on the menu tab to view what services I have to offer and feel free to reach out if you have any questions

Lots of Love and Happy Vibes! xxx


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"I was feeling very lost and anxious when I was drawn to Josie. She has supported me in all aspects of my life with her Psychic Readings and Crystal Energy Therapy Sessions and I'm so glad to have a positive direction again! I've been on such a journey and I'm so grateful for Josie taking me under her wing".

Sadie H - UK

"I'm a lover of Spiritual Courses and I'm always on the look out for ways to develop further. I have signed up to all of Josie's online courses and they are truly wonderful and full of content".

Hannah J - UK

"I have had several readings with Josie and I love her kind nature when passing along messages - she has so much time for you and really cares about helping you create a more positive life"                                               Liv H - UK


Psychic Reading


35 minutes 
In Person or Videocall
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Crystal Energy Therapy


60 minutes
In Person
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Distance Crystal Healing with Mini Psychic Reading


Distance via Photograph
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Crystal Energy Therapy plus Psychic Reading


90 minutes 
In person
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"When we surrender our will to the power of the Universe, We receive miracles"

Gabrielle Bernstein