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Break The Chain of your Family Trauma and Rewrite Your Future

Welcome to my FIRST ever blog post! This has been a long time coming let me tell you, So instead of waiting for 'the perfect time' which of course will never come - I'm taking the plunge.

Over in my weekly newsletter (if you want to subscribe to my email list just click the link here: ) I was talking about Ancestry Emotional Trauma that we carry in our DNA from up to SEVEN GENERATIONS ago 😱. And for those that struggle to accept this, I have the example of my two guinea pigs - Norman and Percy, who are quite possibly the most pampered pigs ever! Norman has his own circus tent, they both dine on fine herbs and greens daily and are showered with love. They also live in our home and never have to brave the unpredictable English weather, so they have it pretty good 😂.

However good they have it, they still run for cover every time we place our hand in the air over their heads, and this has always been the case, they literally cr*p themselves and think that a big bird of prey or monster is coming for them - and they run under anything that will give them sanctuary.

I explained in my newsletter that my guinea pigs react this way because they have had the DNA of their fellow guinea pig ancestors passed down to them and they hold this emotional trauma still to this day, even though they have never had to run for their life.

We as humans are no different, and we also carry the emotional traumas, pain, fear and beliefs of our fellow ancestors in our DNA - and boy can these patterns hold us back in our everyday life!

Why should we have to carry these traumas that were never ours to begin with? The limiting beliefs that it's dangerous to put ourselves out there, that we should fear rejection, that we may never be good enough.

Whatever ways that negative patterns show up in in your life, just know that thy can be broken - and we can be the first person in our family line to do this.. freeing ourselves and our ancestors, and preventing those traumas from being passed down further.

Why is it beneficial to heal our Ancestral Trauma? Well, if you feel like you are due more success, happiness, wealth, great health, abundance, love and freedom in your life - breaking the chain will massively help you to make those powerful shifts.

There are many ways you can begin to do this, and just believing that you can set yourself free will be a great start. And understand that for some this process may be as easy and simple, and for others it will be a journey that you embark on. Just go in with the commitment to see this through and set your intention strong.


  1. Ho'oponopono - The Hawaiian Practice of Forgiveness

The practice of Forgiveness in your life is what will set you free in so many ways, not because a person who hurt you always deserves your forgiveness or grace, but because you deserve to be set free and not defined by that pain. There is a saying 'today I chose to forgive you, not because you apologised or acknowledged the pain you caused me, but because my soul deserves peace.' The day I heard this quote for the first time, I resonated with it so deeply, that I knew carrying the weight and pain of other people's actions towards me did not bring me peace, and I needed to forgive them in order to move on.

After working with forgiveness for some time, I came to realise that the way that others treat us is often because they experienced that pain too in some way too, and there is a chain that links together.

We may have been hurt by friends, colleagues, bullies, partners, family or blame others for the reason we can't move forward in life.

In Ancestral Healing we may feel we have inherited our limiting patterns, behaviours and beliefs from our Mother Line or Father line (or both) and we can see (or feel that through our psychic abilities) clearly how that currently impacts us.

For example, you may have grown up witnessing that earning an income is hard and your parents never had enough money. You may have heard the phrase 'money doesn't grow on trees' and felt their resentment for others that had more, maybe they thought it was greedy that others had more. You may have felt their fear that they were going to lose their home or not be able to put food on the table. Maybe you felt envious of other kids who had more too.

Looking at your own money blocks in life in the present day, you may be able to relate to those beliefs of your parents and see how they have been passed down to you - and see how there is a generational chain here, that needs to be broken for you to heal yourself and prevent being passed on further.

Money beliefs is just one of the areas you may struggle with. You may also want to look at Health, Love & Relationships, Family Life, Fear, Success, Happiness etc too.

Resentment can wreck havoc in our energy field, and blaming others for their actions or belief systems that have been passed to us does not serve us in anyway. When you become self aware that this may be baggage you are carrying around, you can gently start to pull yourself up when procrastination, victim mentality, self sabotage or any other negative patterns begin to rear their head. I am in no way, shape or form telling anyone that the pain they have suffered in their life is not valid and was not horrific to experience, but you deserve to be free and what you do now following those traumatic events moving forward is what counts if you desire to feel positive change.

Ho'ponopono can be used in lots of different ways to neutralise negative energies that you hold for other people inside and out of your ancestral line and within you, and it is amazing because you can forgive people and set yourself free without having to have actual conversations, and can bring closure if you have never been able to have this conversation (especially if the other person has passed away).

Here's how it works:

Ground and Protect your energy first, and create a quiet space where you won't be disturbed. Close your eyes and ask for the person who caused you harm or to carry a limitation with words or actions to stand before you in your mind. BE MINDFUL AND INTENTIONAL of what this limitation is that you carry because of this person so you can neutralise this specifically. Ask for the person to be shown in their child like self and come down to their level where you can look into their eyes (the portal of their soul). Ask yourself if you can see any vulnerabilities or insecurities that indicate why this person may have caused you harm and upset, and very often you will feel that they have been suffered at the hands of someone else too and their action & words towards you were a projection of that. This can help us to rationalise WHY a person may treat another person this way or why they may have had limitations that they have passed to you through a belief system.

Now imagine that the person who stands before you (in their child like form) is saying:





Allow them to repeat this phrase over and over and over, and at the end you can say 'I FORGIVE YOU'.

If you feel you have harboured negative thoughts and blame back towards this person (either consciously or unconsciously) you can also repeat the ho'oponopono mantra back to them to neutralise any resentful energy that we may have sent them.

In practicing ho'oponopono, you can begin to set yourself free in life and break the chain.


2. Visualisation and Intention

Another way we can free ourselves from generational trauma is via visualisation and intention. You may like to sit in meditation and imagine that all of your generational line are standing and are linked with a chain behind you, and you are too trapped at the end of this chain. You can choose to be the first one to cut the chain from a limitation that you carry because of your ancestors, and in doing so you can set everyone free.

State what this chain represents and that it will no longer confine you in your life, before visualising that a big pair of scissors comes and cuts the chain, setting you free. As the chain is cut, you look behind at your ancestral line and see that the chain is falling and disintegrating, and you can feel how light everyone feels as a result.

Visualisation and Intention hold a very powerful energy, so don't be afraid to get creative and envisage anything you like that represents this chain being broken and cut... as long as it's believable to you - it will work.


3. Self Awareness

Being aware of your limiting behaviours and beliefs that hold you back is a practice in itself, and something I preach often. The more aware you can be of everything that happens in your life and the way that you respond, the more power you will begin to claim. Gently pulling yourself up when a negative pattern comes is essential and acknowledging 'THIS IS NOT MY BELIEF, I DO NOT ACCEPT THIS PATTERN, IT IS NOT MINE TO CARRY - I SET MYSELF FREE' will do you wonders in breaking the chain, and allowing you to choose differently! What will be your new belief and how will you reframe?





Don't be afraid of setting yourself some incredible new beliefs! After spending so long restricted and confined by the limitations that others have unconsciously or consciously placed on you - its the least that you deserve to have fun in creating some new and exciting ones! Your ancestral line will applaud you for breaking free so congratulations on being the one to take the action.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading my first blog post, and that this will be the first of many!

Here's to an amazing new week and I'm sending you lots of positive vibes!

Love Josie xxx

The Psychic Energy Healer

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