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Overcome Your Stumbling Blocks to Achieve Your Goals 💫

Happy Bank Holiday Weekend my loves!

This past few weeks has been a little turbulent for a lot of us, but we should be able to really start to feel the shift now and the lighter energy coming in! I was sharing in my weekly email newsletter that lately I've been witnessing so many people desperately wanting to embrace positive change in their lives and recognising that they are worth so much more (which is excellent) - but are they constantly blocking themselves by telling themselves that it 'has to be hard to create that change', and overcomplicating the process.

The truth is that it gets to be easy (keep on affirming that!) but that in order to transform our lives and create lasting change (because we do want it to last and be long term success) that we often have to look at what isn't working in our life... and MAKE SPACE for the new to flow in, which may include some restructuring and integrating a little change. Once we have implemented the space and restructure - and we accept that must happen first, it will then be easier and the simple steps I outline in this blog post will be all you need to achieve that success.

Its time to break free from the 'stuck rut' and frustrating paradox that so many of us experience, and unlock our full potential. Nothing changes if nothing changes, hey? And I'll share with you common stumbling blocks we often endure, and the simple yet effective strategies that you can use to transform your approach to personal growth and achieve the lasting positive change that you've been striving for.

1.Turn Irregular Actions and a Lack of Consistency into Putting One foot in front of the other - no matter what: We've ALL experienced moments when our actions feel sporadic and unfocused, leading to inconsistent results and no long lasting success. To overcome this, its essential to embrace the power of putting one foot in front of the other - no matter what challenges we face. If we are struggling with being consistent and therefore achieving out goals - then ask yourself how much you really want the positive change you seek, and make a conscious effort to make space for new consistent habits to take place. Even if it involves swtiching your routine completely and telling loved ones your plans too so they are on board - create space and you'll transform your irregular actions into a steady, purposeful stride towards the future you envision with the results you deserve.

2. Turn Short Term thinking and Lack of Fore Sight into Thinking of your Future Self and Forward Planning: It's so easy to get caught up in the demands of the present moment and making decisions based on immediate needs (such as feeling tired, unwell or demands from others close to us). However, embracing a long term perspective can achieve significant benefits for your future self. We've all experienced that joy when our past self has thought ahead and in that moment, we have really appreciated that we did that little bit extra to ease the strain... well, what if we could do that more?! Think about your future self for tomorrow, and the next week and so on - help them out as much as possible so that they can continue to keep putting one foot forward and striving for their goals. The more you can do this, the more routine it becomes in planning for the future and feeling much more relaxed and free day to day - ultimately rewiring our limiting beliefs that achievement and success has to be hard.

3.Turn Unfocused Efforts and Lack of Direction into Strategic Planning: We always need a plan, even if its a rough guideline when it comes to creating lasting positive change. Imagine calling a taxi to take you to a new destination, how are you meant to direct the driver if you don't know where that is or the way? Look at your goals in the same light. Very often our plans may change and pivot as we continue to grow along the way, and that's okay! But we need a route to take, and this is often again where people fall down. There is a saying 'where thoughts go, energy flows' - and this is because there is a focus, an intention, a direction of energy...and when it comes to manifestation it is crucial we focus our efforts and gently keep our eyes on the prize. Develop a step by step roadmap that outlines your actions to reach those goals, looking at potential obstacles ahead of time and also what resources you may need. As you go through your roadmap, remember to maintain that flexible mindset we talked about and be prepared to adapt your route as new information and alignment within yourself arises. Sometimes we do need to change our mind, so come up with a newly adapted road map to keep in flow towards that positive change.

4.Turn Conflicting Priorities into Aligning yourself with your Vision: Okay, so I see this happen a lot when beautiful souls have a dream and a vision - but they are constantly conflicted by their current priorities. This goes back to creating the space in the first place for positive change to flow into our lives and placing our new goals as the priority. Sometimes when we are struggling to re structure our priorities, we have to remember that it may only be for the short term to allow the positive change to take hold. For example - if you are looking to grow a new business which is going to require a lot of time and money to get it off the ground, you may have to cut back on household luxuries and give less time to your family in the short term, to then reap the benefits later when you have a flourishing business and can spend more money on treating your family and spending much more time with them. Sometimes in creating new priorities though, we create new lasting healthy habits that may stick around for the long term.. such as swapping nights out down the pub that leave you hanging for days for gym sessions or long walks - promoting better wellbeing and more time for ourself. Have a think about your current priorities and whether by setting new ones, this will help align you with your vision allowing positive change to flow in must faster.

You may be looking at the points above and thinking: 'that surely won't work, it has to be more complicated than that?!' - the truth is that it gets to be easy, especially when you have a plan and aligning with your new vision. For example - the author Matt Ridley of 'Science of Success' estimates that around 80% of New Year's Resolutions Fail, and this will most probably be because people are not setting themselves up for long term success in the first place.

Be the change that you so need, and follow these four points to keep you on the wagon as you make movement and gain momentum towards your goals. Oh, and never ever ever ever ever ever give up 😍

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Have a lovely rest of your bank holiday and I'm sending you love and positive vibes!

Josie xxxx

The Psychic Energy Healer

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