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Energy Healing is a Way of Life - Tips to use throughout the day 💫

Happy Monday Everyone!

We are still in full flow of Mercury Retrograde until the 24th April (and there does tend to be a shadow week that follows), we also have our Full Moon in Scorpio on Wednesday 24th and there is also a planetary conjunction going on in the background with Jupiter and Uranus - meaning that you may feel a little all over with your energy, which is all to be expected and we just roll with it!

After working with so many spiritual souls I see that those who embrace spirituality, energy healing, manifestation and mindset improvement as a lifestyle choice seem to be able to 'roll with the punches' and flow with life so much better than those who only dip in when something is going wrong.

As an Energy Healer its common for me to only see clients when they feel truly blocked and awful, but what about having healing and maintaining your energetic health when you feel great?? It's definitely something to think about and can be a misconception that you only need healing when everything goes south.

Included in this blog post are so amazing easy ways to incorporate energy healing practices into your life, day in day out - so that you can truly feel ease and flow with life, even when challenges comes your way.

Try these Energy Healing Tips to Boost your Energy and keep your Mood Elevated more Consistently:

  1. Morning Grounding Practice (that can also be replicated throughout the day when needed). Start the day right before even reaching for your phone by connecting to the Earth. You can do this simply by meditating from your bed in imagining you are in your favourite nature spot, standing bare foot on there earth. Take some time to connect and visually allow tree roots to grow down from your feet, deeper and deeper into the earth. If you can actually get outside and kick your shoes off, then even better - you will love this more than you think!

The Benefits: Grounding is a simple and essential practice that we have lost over time. Back in our cavemen days we would have always been barefoot and outside basking in Nature, and over time we have lost that connection to the earth - resulting in the increase of Stress, Overwhelm, Anxiety, Depression and other Mental Health Disorders. Grounding brings us back to our body, makes us feel safe and allows us to live in the present moment - allowing us to make grounded decisions that we can trust in.

2. Choosing Positive Affirmations that Resonate with You. Believe me, if I wasn't known as 'The Psychic Energy Healer' I would have definitely been 'The Affirmation Queen'! I am a huge lover of affirmations, because what words and thoughts we use carry a vibrational frequency that can be used in our healing. You can recite your chosen affirmations in the morning and continue throughout the day to elevate your mood and also put powerful intention out to the Universe in what you want to achieve. It is also known that 'I AM' affirmations especially can transform our mindset by tricking our subconscious mind into believing we are what we say we are.

For Example:





The Benefits: Our Subconscious doesn't know what is real and what isn't, so by reciting affirmations regularly can seriously shift our energy and make serious transformational change happen. Where intention goes, Energy Flows. Affirmations also have good vibrational words and can instantly make us feel good.

3. Connect with your Breath and Relax Your Body. Our Body / Vessel can constrict and relax depending on what we are experiencing in our lives, often leading to us holding our breath during stressful periods, feeling tension in our muscles, experiencing aches in our bones and other physical symptoms such as headaches, menstrual issues, heart palpitations, digestive disorders etc.

Throughout the day, keep checking in with yourself and how relaxed you feel in your body, and if you feel any tension and breath holding creeping in - take some time to intentionally breathe deeply and soften your body. Gently Roll your neck and shoulders, relax your stomach muscles, open up your hips by swaying them side to side or going down into a squat position, and connect with your breath.

The Benefits: Envision our body like a tube. Ideally we want to be a nice open and clear tube, where we can access our intuition, our manifestations will come to fruition and our energy will flow freely up and down our body like blood. When we are in flow in this way, we will find so many amazing ideas and opportunities will come to us easily, we will feel vibrant in our energy and health and also our mindset will be grounded and mood elevated. Also in having a nice relaxed channel, we will be able too access our psychic abilities more and trust the messages we receive.

4. Utiltise Colour Healing. One of the most amazing energy healing techniques I discovered for myself was that of using the vibrational frequency of colours to improve our life. Just like everything else in this Universe, Colours also hold a frequency that we can tap into and use - and there is so many ways you can achieve this! One of my favourite ways to read for people is to check in with their Aura (the electromagnetic field that surrounds every living thing) that displays as colours. Each colour holds a meaning that I have deciphered over the years and tells me a lot about that person's personality, strengths, weaknesses, needs and life purpose - and I also discovered that Spirit and the Universe would SEND colours into our energetic field to help us in our lives when needed (for example pink may be sent to a person to help them when grieving or going through a painful break up). When witnessing this, it got me thinking whether we can intentionally tap into the power of colours ourselves and utilise them to create more success, love, healing, growth and expansion in our lives - and the answer was yes!

Simply think about what each colour represents to you and when you need them, imagine that colour is flowing into and around your body, whilst affirming what it is there to help you with. For example - if you are going to an interview and need to feel more courage and confidence, you may spend some time visualising that the colour Red or Orange is within you. If you have aches and pains, you may associate the colour Green or Blue with Healing and Pain Relief, so imagine that those colours are bathing your body.

You can also eat certain foods that hold a certain colour, buy flowers or wear clothes that again, will bring that particular frequency into your life in order to provide you what you need.

The Benefits: Colour Healing is available to all, and may help you to understand what it is that you need more of in your life and where you may have an imbalance in your energy system. For example if you keep getting drawn to the colour Yellow in buying sunflowers, eating yellow foods and buying yellow clothes - you may need more balance in your Solar Plexus Chakra, your confidence centre which displays as Yellow, and may allow you to step up in life by accepting it's frequency to take you to the next level. Also, working with Colour Healing is a real mood booster and often costs nothing to do!

5. Move your Body. Our Energy is like blood and should flow freely around the body, so gentle or vigorous movement is essential to keep everything moving and prevent blocks from occurring. Take the Stairs, do some gentle stretches, take up a sport or yoga class and go for a walk. You may feel like avoiding too much movement but you will always feel better after!

The Benefits: Moving your body and allowing your energy to move again will help massively with clarity, making decisions, accessing your intuition and elevating your mood. It also will help you to release unwanted energy that does not serve you and free up space for new positive energies to flow in!

6. Maintain Good Energetic Hygiene when around others. Energy Healing can also be about other people we have to deal with on a daily basis, because who we spend our time with can massively impact our own energy and how balanced we are. Remember that you are your own person and just because people we interact with may feel negative, doesn't mean that we have to as well. Be conscious and mindful of other people's projections and opinions that may not necessary align with your own, and remind yourself that you don't have to take them on personally and energetically if you don't want to. Remember as well to set good boundaries and when you feel enough is enough, that you can say so or remove yourself from certain people or environments.

The Benefits: Practicing Good Boundaries can help you to stay feeling more energetic and focused for longer, and also prevent blocks occurring in your energetic field. For example, if you feel you cannot say 'no' and how you really feel through fear of causing offence or being judged, then you may cause a block to form in your throat chakra. Instead by being open and honest with what you want to say and do will help you to embody a more true and authentic self, and will help you to feel more worthy - which will help your whole energy system!

Other Energy Healing Practices you may want to adopt during the day:

  • Utilising the Power of Crystals by carrying them on you in person, placing them around your home and workplace, or holding during meditation.

  • Getting out in one of the most purest vibrations - Nature!

  • Promoting a good Sleep Routine by winding down with mediation, essential oils and Minimising Screen Time.

  • Get Creative and Let your Inner Child come to Play. Laugh out Loud, Climb Trees, Paint, Bake or Write - all of these activities will elevate your vibration and clear your energy field bringing more inspired action, clarity and direction.

I hope you have enjoyed this week's blog post! Energy Healing really doesn't have to be done by a professional, and can be something you build into your daily life.

If you are interested in working with me on a deeper level, please check out the rest of my website: and I'd love to share my expertise with you!

I'm sending lots of love and wishing you all and amazing week ❤️

Love Josie xxxx

The Psychic Energy Healer

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