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Tips and Tricks to Positively Reframe Mercury Retrograde

Hey Spiritual Souls!

How is Retrograde season treating you all? If you have felt like your butt is being kicked lately, don't worry! I'm here to give you some tips and tricks to help you navigate Retrograde and also to positively reframe any negative thoughts for when it comes into play again.

You see, if we fear that Retrograde is going to be a hard time for us, then it most probably will. Where if we embrace it and see it as an opportunity to slow down and reflect in a positive way, then we are going to have a much smoother experience that will allow us to flow with life.

First of all, what is Mercury Retrograde? 🤔

Mercury Retrograde comes in 3 or 4 times a year, and is an optical illusion when the planet Mercury appears to be moving backwards in its orbit. During this time people often experience the feeling of slowing down (or moving backwards) and they may revisit the past and any old wounds that need to be cleansed (so don't scream when your ex from 10 years ago or past friends show up in your dream or walks past you in the street! 😱). It also affects communication and can pose technological challenges, as well as delays - but don't worry as this is not all bad!

Here are my tips and tricks to help you to positively reframe Mercury Retrograde now and in the future so that you can get the most healing out of this season:

✨Embrace the Pause -

View this as an opportunity to reflect, slow down and reassess your goals. We can't always be charging forward and often, we need this slower energy to actually realign with what we want from life. There is no weakness in slowing down and actually being in our feminine power can be highly exhilarating, instead of being like a loopy Labrador bounding after a ball all the time.

✨Learn to Flow with Life and its Challenges -

Wouldn't it be amazing to not fly off the handle every time something goes wrong, or not let negativity get under our skin? Well, Mercury Retrograde is the perfect time to practice this! In slowing down we can observe our reactions to those pesky delays and communication problems, whilst yourself how you can FLOW more with life instead of getting hung up and taking things personally all the time. If you can learn to master flowing around obstacles in Retrograde season, then you can easily navigate most challenges without a single scratch the rest of the time.

✨Learn to Communicate more Effectively -

Mercury Retrograde very much centres around communication, so take this opportunity to be super clear and clarified when you engage with others. So many of us walk around with a blocked throat chakra from not telling people exactly what we want, or being clear in our boundaries. Just be mindful of what you want to achieve and as long as you put it across in the nicest way possible, no one can really grumble and it helps you too!

✨Prioritise Self Care -

In slowing down more, its the perfect time to fill up your own cup (which we often neglect any other time!). Take slow walks in nature, run hot baths, have early nights. This is the perfect time to assess your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing and come up with a self care regime that might inspire you to keep it up! Our bodies can experience a lot during retrograde and emotions may be rising to the surface to be released, so be kind and loving to yourself during this period.

✨Catch Yourself when you are talking Negatively -

Remember that Mercury Retrograde is a time for growth, and catching yourself when you find yourself being negative will give you an opportunity to reframe into a positive. This is something you can embrace in life and it gets easier and easier the more self aware you become of your language and thoughts! As much as it can feel nice to have a moan, it makes us feel much more vibrant when we positively reframe and try and see the bright side or the bigger picture.

I hope these tips and tricks have helped you today, and you can apply these to other seasons such as Full / New Moons and Eclipses too 😎 This current Mercury Retrograde will last until April 24th (but expect a shadow week following where you may still feel the effects).

Lots of love

Josie xxx

The Psychic Energy Healer

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