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The Season of New Beginnings: Tools and Practices for Embracing a New Chapter this Spring 🌼💫

Hey Gorgeous souls and welcome to this week's blog post!

Me and my Dave have just arrived back from a week's holiday in Cornwall where were basking in the beautiful energies by the Sea. As I wrote in my recent newsletter however, we both felt we were having an energetic 'spring clean' as the Spring Equinox came in on the 20th March, and automatically we felt like our bodies were purging what didn't serve us. It felt like the perfect time as we were both feeling ready to enter a new chapter and integrate all the spiritual ideas and new ways of being that we downloaded after being on holiday (stopping and getting our of our usual routines can really allow new ideas and light bulb moments to flow right in!) and coming home we wanted to really embrace a 'New Chapter'.

When we arrived home we could feel a sense of denser energy in our house that could have been from ourselves before we left for holiday (tired, a little stressed and needing a break) and also from the many family members that kindly offered to look after our animals whilst away. Energy is VERY transferable and can stick / linger in our environments (whether that is positive or negative) - so I thought I would share some very simple steps we took to fully cleanse our home and bodies so that we could release all the stagnant energy that we just didn't want around anymore, so that we could create a beautiful space for the positive to flow in and help us embrace a fresh new start.

New Chapters are awesome, and we can turn over a new page anytime we desire - however, because Spring is here (yay!) here are some ways you can really welcome in some positive change into your life:


Let's talk about the power of chanting, and what I'm about to share is a beautifully cleansing Buddhist mantra "Om Mani Padme Hum" that I have literally been obsessed with.

This mantra which translates to 'Praise to the Jewel of the Lotus" is believed to invoke the Buddha's compassion, wisdom and enlightenment... and by chanting, listening or meditating on this powerful mantra, we can cleanse our minds and hearts or negativity and create a space of inner peace and wellbeing. 

You can recite or sing the words yourself, or below is one of many examples or versions of the chant that you can find online...

I have been so enjoying chanting along and playing this mantra in every room of my house since returning from my break - and you can really feel a difference in the energy inside and around you.

It's perfect to initiate a new chapter! 🙏💫



A powerful cleansing practice I'd like to share is the ancient art of 'smudging'. Energy is very transferable and leaves an imprint, so it is good practice to cleanse yourself and your space after being in contact with others, after enduring negative times and to just generally keep your space clear and light.

After returning from our holiday, Dave and I could feel some heaviness in our home that may have been left behind from the many family members that had been coming in and out looking after our pets whilst we were away... so we wanted to wipe the slate clean and neutralise the house ready for a new chapter!

Smudging involves burning sacred herbs such as White Sage, Palo Santo, Mugwort or Cedar to purify and cleanse a space, object or person of negative energy. The smoke from these herbs carries prayers and intentions to clear any stagnant energy to create a fresh and neutral environment for new beginnings.

By incorporating smudging into your routine, you can create a more peaceful, balanced and harmonious atmosphere in your home and life. Simply light a bundle of your preferred herb, blow out the flame, and waft the smoke over your body and around your space whilst setting an intention for purification and positivity.

If burning herbs isn't an option, you can still cleanse your space by harnessing the power of visualisation and white light. White light is a very high vibrational energy and is highly effective in neutralising negative energy within yourself and your home...

Simply close your eyes and take some relaxed breaths to 'centre' and 'ground yourself. Once you feel connected to yourself, imagine a bright radiant beam of white light emanating from your heart space. Envision this light expanding outward, filling your entire body with this beautiful white light that is pushing out and enveloping your entire space with its healing, purifying and high vibrational energy.

You don't have to actually be physically in the space you want to cleanse to use white light to neutralise negative energy, because energy knows no boundaries. Simply close your eyes and take yourself in your mind's eye to the place you want to cleanse, and repeat this practice as if you were there in person.





Finally, I can’t not mention the power of our gorgeous Crystals! Crystals are Mother Earth’s gift and hold a pure and stable frequency that when we place intentionally into our space and energetic systems – we can amplify those intentions and press the reset button, creating a space for more positive vibrations to flow.


Crystals are very powerful at diffusing, neutralising and absorbing negative energies and then restoring balance… so when it comes to releasing what doesn’t serve us to embrace positive change, Crystals can help us align with our higher self.


If you are looking to utilise a pure form of energy to help you access more peace, intuition, wisdom, manifestation, love…then there is a crystal out there for your needs. I always say that there is a crystal for everyone, whatever it is you need help with – just allow yourself to be drawn to what stones intuitively call to you, because very often the properties and the frequency of those crystals that you like the look of will be exactly what you need in that moment!


Here are some powerful Crystals that will help with cleansing negative energies and for new beginnings:


💎SMOKEY QUARTZ – A crystal that resonates deeply with the Root Chakra and holds a very slow and grounding vibration. Acting like a sponge, Smokey Quartz will gently pull heavy and unwanted energies in and neutralise the space it is working in. This wonderful stone is great for bringing balance back and wiping the slate clean, making it a firm favourite in creating a space for a new chapter to unfold.


💎CLEAR QUARTZ – Also known as the master healing crystal, Clear Quartz holds a high vibration that resonates with the Crown Chakra, bringing mental clarity and amplifying our positive intentions with ease. Clear Quartz can blast through blocks and heavy energies that don’t serve us and our space – clearing room for enlightened frequencies to enter.


💎CITRINE – One of my absolute favourite stones that has a beautiful ‘middle of the road’ frequency. It’s not too high in its frequency that you can’t store this crystal by your bed, yet it has warmth and gentle elevation that will put a smile on your face. Known as the Crystal of Happiness and Manifestation, this stone will fill your space with good luck and help you to feel more confident in achieving your goals as you enter into a new chapter.


💎ROSE QUARTZ – Entering new chapters is so much better when we are balanced in our heart space, and Rose Quartz will certainly help you achieve this! Like putting on a soft, pink cardigan – this beautiful pink stone will wrap you up in love and help you to heal from past traumas. It is gentle and loving in its frequency which will allow your Heart Chakra to open to all the wonderful desires that you are so worthy and deserving of having in your life.


When it comes to using Crystals, just know that on their own they will bring so many positive frequencies into your life and home – but if you can pour them with your intention and what you want to achieve too, they will amplify your thoughts and words.


You can place your crystals around your home and allow them to infuse your space with their stable powers, you can hold them during meditation to allow you to reach new levels of consciousness and clarity, or carry / place them on your body to achieve balance.


Make sure you keep your crystals cleansed regularly so that they continue to work their magic - and you can do this by smudging, placing them outside to be charged by the sun or moon, or placing them on Selenite Crystal (one of the highest vibrational crystals that has cleansing properties).


Remember that we sometimes need to instigate and intend for a New Chapter to Begin, it's all down to us to make it happen - so I hope that these simple tips will help you to embrace the freshness of Spring and Positive Change. Out with the old and in with the new!

I'm sending so much love ❤️ Happy Monday!

Love Josie xxx

The Psychic Energy Healer

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