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What to do when your Energy Plummets 😅⬇️

Happy Monday everyone!

Oh my days, well last week didn't go as planned for me! 😅😅

I'm not an Astrologist but I do keep tabs as much as possible on the planetary action that may impact my energy - because I'm aware that as intuitive souls that we VERY much feel what is going on when we are Retrograde, during a conjunction or a Full Moon.

However last week I did feel a little bit 'off' and was struggling with productivity... but then on Friday Morning - my energy just plummeted out of no where and my spiritual connection became patchy. It was not ideal because I had to rearrange clients and readings that I had planned, and instead rest up and accept that there was very little else I could do. I think this experience, however annoying and inconvienient it was allowed me to see something - that I actually felt good being honest with myself, accepting that I couldn't have done anymore and also to honour my body and energy without feeling the need to force and push on. This was really empowering for me that I could do this without guilt or shame, because thats a fact - we can only do what we can with the energy and time we have available.

By the afternoon my spiritual connection had returned but I continued to feel quite tired around my third eye... but I sat on my laptop for a while because I'd had some messages saying that my website was glitching and had technical errors. It was bizarre because when I went on to try and fix them, I was being shown that there was nothing to be fixed! I just decided to surrender and step back, and what will be will be.

When I was getting into bed around 11pm, my Dave told me to come to the window - and I was so happy to see plumes of pink colours in the night sky! We have been lucky enough to see the Northern Lights before on a trip to Iceland, but this was next level! We ran outside and lay on the cool grass for over an hour together just gazing at the stars, checking out the beauty of the Aurora Borealis, setting intentions and taking photos.. it was pure magic!

The next day I read up what had been happening, and it dawned on me why I had lost my connection the day before, was having technical glitches and my energy had failed.... its only because we were amidst the worst solar storm in 165 years! 😅 After a series of solar flares erupted from the sun's surface (resembling bombs) then sent a shockwave of magnetically charged plasma directly at the Earth - which is why we were able to see the most beautiful colours and the Northern Lights.

Now that is a lot of energy - and definitely something that we would feel and impact our how we feel💥💥💥

Of course, Solar Activity can impact our energy and it is different for every person (for example, I often feel quite sparky on a Full moon and more irritable on a New Moon - where others may feel it the opposite way around) - but also I wanted to share my GO TO guide for when my energy does happen to drop for everyday reasons too.

  1. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY - As annoying as it is when our energy levels drop out of no where, its worth taking some time to go within and feel into where you feel its affecting your body. Is a certain chakra energy point or body part feeling it particularly? Is this something that could correlate with a message for you? Trust this message that you may need to slow down and rest, or perform an energy cleanse.

  2. ASK YOUR GUIDES AND ANGELS FOR HELP - If you have ever tried this before, it can be highly powerful and beneficial! If you have responsibilities to take care of and you feel the need to push on through, sit and ask your guides and angels to take the reins for you and specifically tell them with what you need help with. The key is to be really intentional and clear with your words - and don't neglect the detail! I learnt this technique when my grandma passed away suddenly, and I had a week of readings and healings to do. After asking my Spiritual Team to do it for me - and witnessing just how incredible it was when I passed my work over to them, it helped me to trust in spirit even more.. and I've asked them tons of times to 'do the work for me' for a variety of tasks.

  3. GO SOFT - When our energy drops and we still need to fulfil tasks and commitments, be gentle with yourself and soften whatever you can in your day. For me, I may decide to work in my lougewear or pyjamas and even from my bed. Also I'll set the scene by making lighting some candles and playing some relaxing music to soothe my nervous system and show that I care for myself. If I can put off some tasks for another day, then I will, or ask for help - but otherwise I find I can get the same level of work / tasks done when I 'go soft' and show my body that I care.

  4. BE HONEST AND SPEAK YOUR TRUTH - Theres no failure in holding our hands up sometimes and admitting that we can't do something that we originally said we would. If you actually CAN'T plough on through and your energy just won't allow it... then you owe it to yourself to be honest and authentic. I always say that honesty is the best policy, and as long as we say what we need to say in the nicest way possible and with truth - then it really isn't our problem if another person has an issue with it. For me, I always like to show my appreciation on the rare occasion that I have to move clients around - so will make their new appointment longer or give them a freebie, but really it comes down to us being ethical when we know that we also won't be able to do a task or job to the best of our ability with depleted energy levels.

  5. DON'T BE HARD ON YOURSELF OR SELF SABOTAGE - This can be really common when we have to step back, and I've seen this a lot when my clients or student pull themselves apart because they feel bad for letting others down (or more commonly they feel they've let themselves down). This is just life and definitely not something to allow yourself to question your worth and take yourself off down the negative rabbit hole. Reframe it and see it as a positive and an empowerment that you can truly honour your body and energy, and that is the ultimate self love! ❤️ Woohoo! It's about time!

It's only through experience on my own healing journey that I can talk about this and share my techniques and thought processes - and its my pleasure to support and guide others to feel comfortable with their choices and honour themselves more as they grow.

If you would like more support on your Spiritual path to feel more confident, empowered by your decisions, self love, intutive and connected to yourself - then come and join me and a tribe of high vibe on a mission just like you! - PLUS, you get me as your Psychic Mentor and Guide to help you navigate life's challenges and obstacles on the road to success. The Doors are OPEN and you can become an Awakened One Member for just £29 a month via the link below ⬇️

I hope this week's Blog Post has been useful and I look forward to supporting you further!

Take it easy and Lots of Love

Josie xxx

The Psychic Energy Healer

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